At the end of the 5-year holding period of some of our investors, we successfully sold NOIX Foods (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to an Asian biotech group. This marks the end of an extremely exciting but also demanding period.

We built the company during the most difficult years China has seen since 1992. With unprecedented challenges such as the zero-covid, travel restrictions, months of quarantine, lockdowns, disrupted supply chains, economic crisis, etc. As a result, we unfortunately did not achieve all of our ambitious goals from 2019. Nevertheless, we have achieved the official status of a flagship company and standard-setter for vegan products in China, as well as clear market leadership in our categories. Something we are proud of.

With the sale, NOIX AG has fulfilled its purpose.


  • 70% market share in the category, against billion-dollar corporations with many times the budget and manpower
  • Undisputed quality leader, winner of all prizes and awards
  • Official awards as flagship company for China and standard setter for vegan products
  • Officially awarded as an example for sustainability
  • Hundreds of press reviews and tens of thousands of comments on social media in Asia
  • The only company to develop and offer a 100% natural concentrate for fresh DIY almond milk
  • Highly qualified and motivated team with almost zero staff turnover